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100% New Zealand Pure Cherry Juice 750ml

100% New Zealand Pure Cherry Juice 750ml

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Beneficial and delicious pure natural cherry juice

Sleep Aid
Sweet cherries that we grow here in New Zealand are a natural source of melatonin. This is what helps you get to sleep and stay to sleep—making for a good night’s rest.

Inflammation & Arthritis Relief
Studies as far back as 2012 have proven that cherry juice contains antioxidants—like anthocyanins—that are capable of reducing pain and inflammation that often accompanies osteoarthritis.

Fat & Metabolism Regulation
Those same anthocyanins—which are also responsible for our cherries’ red colouring—have also been found to lower the development of abdominal fat and even lower the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Immunity Boosting
Cherries contain potent antioxidants that fight off viruses and infections—as do all fruits and vegetables. These help to boost your immune system which fights off harmful diseases and viruses.

Workout Recovery
Our juice is also perfect for post-exercise recovery as cherries have high potassium content. This mineral helps maintain blood pressure and hydration, assists in muscle recovery, regulates pH balance, among many other great benefits.

Recommended Serving Sizes
Enjoy all these great health benefits by taking as little as 50mL per night. If you really need a boost, you can up the dosage to 100mL. You can dilute with ice cubes or drinking water according to personal preference.

Storage method: After opening the bottle, it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 1 month

Ingredients: Pure natural, 100% cherry juice, no added water/sugar/preservatives, pasteurized to keep fresh flavor

Specification: 750ml/bottle

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