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alternatif manuka ginger propolis spray

alternatif manuka ginger propolis spray

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Newly launched ginger flavor is easier to take

High-concentration water-soluble propolis spray made with exclusive technology and cold carbon extraction does not contain alcohol. It is not only easy to drink, but also the excellent ingredients of propolis are easier for the body to absorb.

Anti-inflammation and sterilization, prevention of viral diseases

The product is a spray type. Shake well before use. Spray 3-5 times each time. Spray directly into the throat when the throat is uncomfortable. It can also be used for daily oral care.

People allergic to bee products , people with kidney disease , children under one year old and pregnant women should avoid taking it.

Do not take it with tea or water

Main ingredients:
Water, glycerin, water-soluble propolis, manuka honey, spices, lactic acid mentha balm, manuka essential oil, etc.


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