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Alternatif propolis Combo

Alternatif propolis Combo

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100% ingredients come from "New Zealand"
Every drop of propolis can be traced back to the corresponding hive, which is Alternatif's quality assurance.

alternatif Propolis Spray is specially designed to treat dry throat pain and discomfort. Whether it is dry throat, scars, or phlegm, it can be sprayed directly into the mouth and throat to help soothe. The first water-soluble propolis is easier to absorb. Even if you don’t have a sore throat, spraying it a few times a day can help build up your immunity.

Better than Good Balm Active Propolis Repair Balm is a soothing, conditioning and repairing balm that helps relieve a variety of skin irritations, including inflammation, acne, breakouts, itchy skin, insect bites, diaper rash and acne Wounds, even suitable for atopic allergic skin.

Combo includes:
1 x alternatif propolis spray
1 x Better than Good Balm Active propolis repairing honey balm

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