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100% New Zealand Pure Blueberry Juice 750ml

100% New Zealand Pure Blueberry Juice 750ml

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Pure natural blueberry juice known as the blue diamond in the bottle


Enhance immunity
Blueberry is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, a large amount of manganese and other micronutrients. It is a super fruit for disease resistance. It is known as the "king of antioxidants". The rich antioxidant ingredients can neutralize free radicals in the body and enhance immunity

Protect eyesight
On average, every 100 grams of blueberries contains 255 mg of anthocyanins, which play an important role in protecting eyesight, and can help relieve visual fatigue and improve blurred vision

Helps with bone development
The trace elements and manganese rich in blueberries can play an auxiliary role in bone development

Prevent constipation
An average cup of fresh blueberries contains about 4 grams of dietary fiber, accounting for 14% of the daily intake of dietary fiber. The water-soluble dietary fiber contained in blueberries can promote intestinal peristalsis and help improve constipation

Daily intake of 50-100ml, can be diluted with ice cubes or drinking water according to personal preference

Storage method: After opening the bottle, it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 1 month

Main ingredients: 100% blueberry juice, no added water/sugar/preservatives, pasteurized to keep fresh flavor

Product specification: 750ml/bottle

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