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Beggi Nasal Combo-Adult Version

Beggi Nasal Combo-Adult Version

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Nasal allergy is an urban disease. Have you ever used nose wash, nasal spray, mint ointment... but still have a stuffy nose and reflux of nasal fluid, making it difficult for you to sleep? BEGGI nasal clearing ointment is specially designed to relieve respiratory discomfort caused by nasal allergies, pollen allergies, and colds. It can be applied directly to both sides of the nose and the tip of the nose, and it will take effect in 5 seconds. The lipstick-shaped design makes it easy to carry it out for use at any time. Add the BEGGI nasal patch and stick it on your pillow or pajamas before going to bed. Even if you have a sensitive nose and need to sleep in the morning, it will be a dream.

Combo includes:
1 x Beggi Essential Oil Nasal Ointment Adult Version
1 x Beggi Essential Oil Vapour Patch ( adult version)

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